The Ultimate 'Soft Life' Easter Weekend Getaway in Calgary/Banff: A Guide for Edmontonians & Albertans

updated on 03 April 2024
February 17 in Calgary during PrairieDise by La Connexional - Photo by @AOBYYC
February 17 in Calgary during PrairieDise by La Connexional - Photo by @AOBYYC

Escape to Effortless Vibes This Easter Long Weekend

Picture this: warm sun on your face, the Rockies painting a breathtaking backdrop, and the rhythmic pulse of Classic RnB, Afrobeats, Latin Beats and Dancehall filling the night air. This Easter weekend in Calgary isn't just a getaway; it's a portal to the 'soft life' – where relaxation, joy, and unforgettable experiences reign supreme. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic escape or a group of friends craving a vibrant adventure, Calgary & Banff are calling with a memorable weekend filled with 2 World-Class Experiences: The Soft Life Brunch Party on Friday, March 29th and La Partyra Global Groove Experience on Saturday, March 30th.

(Estimated) Budget: $270 to $407.5 CAD per person

Please keep in mind that the prices listed below are estimates and may be higher or lower than researched at the time this blog was published)

Day 1 (Friday, March 29th): The Heartbeat of Calgary

Photo courtesy of @icarusound on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @icarusound on Instagram
  • Morning: Leave Edmonton's hustle behind on a scenic drive to Calgary. Aim to leave by 12 pm to arrive by 3 pm and check in at your hotel or Airbnb.
  • Afternoon: Get change quick and get ready to experience Calgary's sizzling Afrocentric scene! Head to the SOFT LIFE BRUNCH PARTY on Friday, March 29th as soon as you can at Cameo YYC.  The party ends at 830 pm. Aim to get there by 5 pm so you do not get stuck outside!
  • Evening: Either go home to rest and relax or keep grooving the night away by checking out The 18 Best Calgary Bars for Fun & Relaxation 

Day 2 (Saturday, March 30th): Leisure and Farewells

  • Morning: Wake up, dress warm and drive to Banff (1 hour) to embrace a relaxed breakfast/brunch with stunning mountain vistas at one of these restaurants – the perfect 'soft life' indulgence.
  • Afternoon: Get back to your place, settle, relax, take a nap and get ready for a world-class nightlife experience
  • Evening: From Classic RnB sounds all the way to an Afrobeats Live Band and passing by Latin Beats and Dancehall, experience a memorable nightlife experience starting at 9 pm at La Partyra (The Global Groove Party): *Free Photobooth, Red Carpet from 10 to 11 pm and more!

Day 3 (Sunday, March 31st)

Devonian Gardens in Calgary (The CORE retain mall)
Devonian Gardens in Calgary (The CORE retain mall)
  • Morning: Check out of your spot and soak up those last-minute Calgary vibes. Visit the mesmerizing indoor Devonian Gardens and walk around the The CORE retail mall.
  • Afternoon: Drive back to Edmonton by 2 pm and make it home by 5 pm so you can unwind, meal prep and be ready for the upcoming week.

Why This Weekend Is Your 'Soft Life' Dream?

This Easter weekend, trade your everyday routine for an unforgettable Calgary escape. From the first beat of the Soft Life Brunch Party to the final moments of La Partyra, you'll create memories that will carry you long after the drive back to Edmonton. Embrace the 'soft life,' embrace adventure, and embrace a weekend that will leave you feeling recharged and inspired.

Planning on making the trip? Skip the lines and get your online tickets now:

  1. Friday, March 29th - Soft Life Brunch Party
  2. Saturday, March 30th - La Partyra

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