New Year Gala & Creative Citizen Awards

Join us for a bespoke evening where you will get to enjoy food, socialize, and escape the cold while celebrating the beginning of 2023 🥳

 We encourage the nominations of creatives who identify within ABCL and BIPOC communities. Equitable representation is at the core of what we do within La Connexional, and these awards will be given to those that demonstrate awareness and amplification of our communities. 🤎

Middle of Winter, Tropical Staycation, 31°C inside of the gigantic waterpark and hosted ~1000 guests at PMW Fest

On Saturday, October 29th, we are dressing up winter as a summer for Canada's Largest Afro x Latin indoor beach festival. Alberta will never be the same...Have your tickets yet?!

Wave Pool

Live Acts

Dance Tutorials & Competitions

VIP Cabanas, giveaways & more!

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