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  • " La Connexional is the purest form of what community building should look like!! The Styled By Nif team recently had the pleasure of working with La Connexional, and it was indeed an empowering experience.We look forward to more socially innovative collaborations with La Con! xo"

    Styled By Nif
  • " Attended the Afro x Latin Block Party this last weekend by Habesha African Market. Great community event in one of the most diverse parts of Edmonton. Loved seeing the partnership with local business, great music to dance too and great vibes. Didn't have to go to Heritage Days this year 'cause this was like a mini-Heritage Days in itself! "

    Kristina De Guz
  •  "La Connexional is a world-class events and experiences company. I went to three events while I was in Edmonton and they were always fun and professionally organized.They also have great swag/merch to buy, I love the hat I bought for them!" 

    Ankur Pandit
  • " La Connexional brings the best vibes to the city. Anything that La Connexional is involved with is a good time, from their festivals, to their dance workshops I have never been disappointed when I went to one of their events. Their team is also incredible, they work tirelessly for the community and ensure we always have fun things to do. I am forever grateful for all they do, and if you are wanting the full YEG experience you need to go to one of La Connexional's events! "

  •  Ever since I went to my first event of la connexional I have been looking forward to them! The organization is so much more, but I mostly have been a happy patron of their events! You can expect a great time—the members of la connexional all have great attitudes and are so welcoming & inclusive, and they always have amazing music !" 

    Noémie Lee John
  •  I have yet to have a single bad experience from La Connexional. From their events and dinners to their live markets and merch products, they always over deliver. All your hard work is paying off as I've learned more about the African, Caribbean, and Latinx communities than ever before. Keep up the great work! 

    Ryan Seeras
  •  "They do a great job hosting events and making space for new artists to shine. Love how they build community." 

    Liz John-West
  •  "La Connexional has successfully created a safe, healing, creative space for African, Black, Caribbean, and Latinx communities in Edmonton and beyond. the creative ability of this group is unmatched and their execution of these initiatives and events is always something you want to be part of!" 

    Celine Caruso D